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Pros and Cons of Amazon Workspaces

Amazon Workspaces is an ideal WorkSpaces Subscription, which enables a company to offer employees a fully virtual desktop to work from. The user interface is almost identical to actually being at their (work) desk to access vital information, software, documents and services. The benefits of this service are not restricted to the corporate environment. It can also be used for personal use by employees in their own home office. This article looks at how Amazon Workspaces benefits the user.

Virtual desktops are designed to make accessing information, working with data, or handling documents easier and more convenient. They provide the user with access to shared data from multiple computers across the organization. However, sometimes this access causes problems such as duplicate information, broken links, slow response from the mainframe, reduced productivity, and the inability to reach key areas of a project when needed. All these issues can be solved by having the Amazon Workspaces add-in called vdi.

The Amazon Workspaces provides multiple benefits for the user. It has many features such as the vi plugin which allows users to install and manage their workspaces on their android phones. Also workspaces offers the option of connecting it with an existing database. This will allow one to be able to store more information into the workspaces database. One will also benefit from the feature of the push technology which allows the user to go to any part of the screen they want just by pushing a button on their mobile device.

Amazon Workspaces comes with full version of desktop management console. This desktop management console gives the company the ability to create workspaces in the Amazon Workspaces and edit the desktop accordingly. It can be fully customized by the user. In addition to this workspace provides other features such as, task management, task scheduling, multi-user management, collaboration tools, instant messaging, calendar, address book, contacts manager etc. workspaces offers various additional features which are provided free of charge by Amazon such as, GPRS, text-based email, and its cloud storage system is highly advanced with regard to storage capacity.

Some of the benefits that are offered by workspaces by Amazon are: It gives the end-user the ability of managing their own workspace irrespective of whether it is on the internet or not; this is achieved by providing them with the full version of desktop management console; this enables the end-user to view the workspace irrespective of whether they are connected to internet or not. This further adds the advantage of being able to access their workspace from anywhere in the world. Amazon also provides an enhanced version of the file manager and allows the use of the drag and drop technique. Amazon also provides the use of multiple tools for managing the workspace such as the Gear button, the pull down menu and the keyboard shortcut.

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