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How to ensure Safety in the Swimming Pool

Preparing for a thrilling swimming experience

Pool etiquette is a significant factor you should regard as a safety measure while you enjoy swimming.  A person planning for a trip prepares prior by identifying an ideal destination, booking, and packing; the same applies to a great swimming session. Preparing before is a practice every person should adopt, whether it`s for a race or fun. A swimming session with family or friends is an excellent way of exercising and spending leisure as you enjoy each other’s company. Below are some tips that you need to check on before diving into the waters:

Pack essential accessories – Ensure your bag is stuffed with a swimsuit, towel, and waterproof shoes. Besides, pack an extra pair of clothing in case the one you are wearing gets wet accidentally.

Stay hydrated – You should ensure to bring a water bottle to remain active and prevent dehydration. Lack of water in the body can cause irritability and exhaustion, which can cause a risk of drowning or death while inside the waters.

Ensure your electronics and other valuables are kept in a waterproof bag – Phones, tablets, computers, and other electronic devices can be easily damaged by water. Ensure they are tightly sealed in a separate waterproof bag sealed before packing them in your swimming bag.

Read the weather – A hot and sunny day will help you carry enough water to keep you hydrated and sunscreen to prevent your skin from direct sunlight. Carry an umbrella and warm clothes if there is a prediction of rain in some hours to come.

Apply sunscreen – It is recommendable to use a waterproof sunscreen which you should apply 15- 20 minutes before getting in the water. It will protect your skin from UV radiation which is a health hazard; ensure you reapply the sunscreen every 30 minutes for maximum protection.

Things to do when swimming

Ensure you warm up well – It will prevent you from injuries that might occur while in the water, thus provide a thrilling swimming experience.

Take small breaths – Breathing is an excellent way of preventing fatigue during the swimming session. It also ensures your body muscles are relaxed, thus a free circulation of blood to all tissues.

Manipulate different styles – An incredible swimming experience includes working with different muscle groups and trying out new styles.

Involve lifeguards – Ideal swimming pool services incorporate lifeguards who attend to all your needs. Ensure you keep in touch with them once you notice foreign objects on the surface or on the bottom, which can be dangerous.

What you should avoid

Avoid overeating before swimming – A person who takes large meals before swimming is prone to tiredness, taking a shorter session which is not enjoyable. It is also risky since it makes the body heavy, reducing their flexibility.

Avoid swimming alone – Ensure you are in the company of a friend or a family member while swimming to enjoy the session and attend to you in case of distress.

Standing in the way – Ensure you are not blocking other swimmers from swimming around you because you are an obstruction.

Dive headfirst – Avoid diving headfirst since it can increase the risk of sustaining head and neck injuries leading to death.

Don`t play around with water – A swimming pool is not a playground where you can play games to cause serious injuries.

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