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Four ways to acquire and keep Christmas customers with loyalty programs

Majority of commerce companies pay special attention to the festive season every year. Why? Statistics show that approx. 20% of annual sales happen exactly in the last two months of the year. Few companies focus their attention on retaining customers after the growth that occurs during the holiday season. Did you know that loyalty programs can be used for this? Let us explain how. Read on to find out!

Attract attention in a thought-out way

You know your customers, so try to understand their seasonal plans. You have a great opportunity to inspire them to include certain products on their Christmas shopping list. That way, you can plan loyalty programs that meet your customers expectations. Below are some ways to plan holiday offers.

Encourage customers to share their Christmas shopping plans, you can do it e.g. through a poll, that will show you the trends on this year’s Christmas shopping. This, in turn, will let you target your offer to particular customers. It is a good idea to provide a preview of selected gift lists, it will attract the attention of recipients and motivate them to make purchases to win specific prizes.

  1. Do you have a circle of loyal customers? Give them something before Christmas! It is a good idea to provide early access to the rewards catalog and dates to regular customers only. The recipient who uses your services on a regular basis will surely feel appreciated if they get something from you as “the first one”. Of course, such an action will be perfect for currently running loyalty programs.

Loyalty programs: what about the post-Christmas period?

Christmas is a crucial moment of shopping, but usually right after, the interest in shopping decreases. What can be done to keep customers’ interest also in the post-Christmas season?

  1. Start with implementing a loyalty programCustomer loyalty programs are efficient, they reward purchases in your company, which makes your customers come back to your brand more willingly. This move is especially relevant when it comes to companies competing on a crowded market.
  2. Start a new campaign in January. If you already have loyalty programs, it is worth adding something new with the start of the new year! This is the season for New Year resolutions, so if your company might help your customers in achieving these goals, this will be a great way of building a strong relationship with customers. Target the campaign on people who take part in your loyalty programs and boost their engagement!

Now that you know how to attract your customers’ attention and keep them for longer, don’t hesitate! Use our tips in practice, and your sales will surely stay on a high level not only during the Christmas shopping madness.

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