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Delayed Or Lost Baggage? Know How To Insure And Claim

What exactly is lost or delayed baggage?

This specifically has to do with the whereabouts of your checked luggage while you’re flying. If your luggage doesn’t appear at the baggage carousel when you arrive, it may be delayed (may arrive later) or never arrive.

What causes the delay of checked-in baggage?

Your checked luggage is late for a few reasons, including the following:

  • A full flight: It may actually take a long time to unload all the bags if an aircraft is fully booked and every passenger is hauling around a lot of luggage, especially at smaller airports. Rarely, luggage may be left behind at the destination city and flown in on a subsequent aircraft.
  • Extreme weather: Should you arrive at your destination to find that there is severe weather, such as thunderstorms, torrential rain, and lightning, the ground personnel, including the baggage handlers, may be told to wait inside until the storm passes. Additionally, without baggage handlers, your bags cannot be unloaded.

What leads to the loss of checked-in baggage?

There are a few causes for this, including:

Human error: Either the incorrect luggage cart is used to load your belongings or the incorrect destination airport code is entered by the check-in agent. In any instance, your suitcase boarded the wrong aircraft and arrived at the wrong location!

Routing label damage: If the luggage tag is incorrectly printed or comes off mid-flight, especially on connecting flights, your suitcase will never board the trip.

Is there an insurance plan that covers these cases?

When the luggage carousel finally slows to a halt while you are waiting at the counter and your suitcase is nowhere to be seen, you know a terrible feeling. All of those outfits, the sunscreen, and most crucially, the money for the vacation disappeared without a trace. However, not all is lost.

Fortunately, there is insurance that covers your checked-in baggage for these specific situations like bajaj allianz travel insurance:

  • Delayed luggage check-in
  • Checked-in baggage theft

Make sure to carry out your bajaj allianz travel insurance renewal in a timely manner to receive uninterrupted coverage.

What benefit does having such insurance provide?

Here are the benefits of travel insurance explained with illustrations.

Bad trip 1: “The airline just informed me that my baggage is delayed! What benefit from insurance do I receive?

You will receive a benefit amount as outlined in your plan if your checked baggage is delayed by more than a predetermined amount of time. Spend the money on necessities or clothing to get you through the wait.

You will receive up to compensation if your bags are delayed, thanks to bajaj allianz travel insurance‘s inclusion of this coverage!

Bad trip 2: The airlines have misplaced my luggage, grrr! What benefit from insurance do I receive?

You will receive the benefit amount stated in your plan if the airline eventually notifies you that your luggage has truly been misplaced. You will receive compensation which is baggage insurance that is proportional if only a portion of your luggage is lost.

What should I do if my checked baggage is delayed or misplaced?

Step 1: Don’t freak out!

Step 2: Immediately report to your airline – An airline office or a grievance counter can be found in every airport. Reach the location and inform the staff that your luggage has not yet arrived. As you wait for your luggage, you can even wish to ask them for fair compensation to replace any necessary items.

Step 3: Get a written report. Ask the airline to provide you with a written Property Irregularity Report (‘PIR’) that verifies the delay and details any compensation they have offered.

Step 4: Submit an insurance claim to your provider.



Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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